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Mushroom Pesto Panini

Are panini’s wanky? I mean, they sell them at Aldi so they can’t be too wanky. Anyway, this panini is delicious and makes a nice quick lunch. Feel free to use oil in your pesto instead of water, but I try not to eat much oil and the pesto tastes just fine made with water.

Main Meals

Vegan Haggis

I proper love vegan haggis. It makes a lovely Sunday dinner alternative to a roast, cos let’s face it, most of the options for vegan roasts in the supermarket, when they have them, are grim. This haggis is a bit time consuming, but make it in advance and everyone will love it.


Vegan Snickers Cheesecake

This cheesecake tastes EXACTLY like a snickers. It is AMAZING! It’s also quite complicated and time-consuming. But it’s so worth it! The hardest bit is the caramel, which is always a bit of a bastard to make, but cheap enough that if you fuck it up you can try again.


Not-Pan Cakes

My kids love pancakes. I do not like making pancakes because they take a fucking age to cook and always end up burnt on the bottom and raw in the middle. And I have to cook them one at a time because I have tiny frying pans. It takes all fucking morning! So one day […]